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We developing the Chestnut Ridge subdivision in Geneva in 1995 and have built homes in Ashtabula, Lake, and Ottawa counties.  Our homes have always met the LEEDS standards of building, incorporating reusable resources, land use, and quality energy efficient materials.

Building a home can be the most important purchase of your life.  When you build a home, you want to feel ownership, that you have something that is truly and completely yours.  With the help of Chestnut Homes, LLC., you can make it your own by allowing us to assist you in selecting your plan with the option of customizing it YOUR way or you can select one of our many floor plans we have available.  When you buy a Chestnut Home, you prepare to make your own history, and can create a home that you can keep in your family for generations to come.

By building your own custom home, you can control the price, layout, designs, and the overall look.  You can have the confidence of knowing that you're not going to sink more money into changing things around; you'll have the comfort of knowing your home will be built exactly as you like it.   And we add our personal touch by promising to communicate with you every step of the way in the building process.

Chestnut Homes offer programs that the competition turns away from.  We allow the homeowner to be their own General Contractor, and allow the homeowner to perform some of the work.  That's right, old fashioned "sweat equity".  This is huge, especially in the economic times we are now facing.  This builds instant equity into the home aiding the appraised value against the loan and saves you money.  Of course, if the homeowner doesn't want anything to do with a hammer, we turnkey the entire project.  What it comes down to is being able to serve the homeowner's needs.

We are an authorized dealer for Engineered Building Systems.  EBS is a nationwide pre-engineered panelized home supplier.  They provide materials and products that enable us to offer you a precision-crafted home at an affordable price.  Panelized construction is the most widely spread building system, offering limitless designs and a multitude of benefits.  This allows us to get your home "wrapped up" in just a few days versus the few weeks it takes a stick builder.  In other words you home is under roof and weather tight sooner, protecting it from the vagaries of Northeast Oho's weather.  To learn more about the advatages of panelixed construction, click on the picture below.

Our homes are custom designed and include leading industry brand materials and products.  Whether you want to build a two-story or a cape cod - and whether you want siding or stone, we can do it for you -- and at a price you can afford.

Consider the many advatages Chestnut Homes has to offer.  It will be the best investment you've ever made.  Let us give you a free estimate on your future home.  We can build from existing plans or custom build to suit your needs.  You can find our contact information on the Contact page of this website.